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The you that seems to be under constant storm clouds. The you that doesn't know how much longer you can hold on. The you that always blames yourself for everything that goes wrong. Recently single and looking for female friends only.

One wants to sound somewhat beguiling, enigmatic, mysterious and interesting but I usually fail abysmally.

So relax and start chatting and e-mailing on (trustworthy) Christian dating sites. Our mission is to prayerfully match Christian singles according to God's universal plan.

Our vision is to serve Christians from all churches and denominations. We don't judge based on your past, how involved you are in church.

Can you trust them with difficult or private matters?

To move forward into a serious relationship with someone you should feel like you can trust them with your heart and be open and honest with them about things that you would normally keep private from other people.

Would prefer someone in the UK - simply because of time differences and the potential to meet for a cuppa in the real world - and women only, although marital status doesn't bother me if ... By using this site you agree to our Terms of Service.(changed 25.6.

I'm a retired Englishman, with a lot of free time but struggling to fill it. Tried to learn acoustic guitar but have neither the discipline or talent. 2012) Advertisments, ads and replies are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for them or the content they link to in any way.

If the answer is ‘yes’ you can go on to talk about what ‘getting serious’ means for each of you. The chances are that if you met on e Harmony then you are, but it is always worth talking things through before you make a big commitment.It is really important that a relationship is supported by the people closest to you.There will be all sorts of pressures on you as a couple in the beginning as you negotiate each others boundaries and you will both need support from outside the relationship from time to time. It may be that you haven’t had any disagreements between you or seen each other stressed or upset but sooner or later you will and it’s important that you feel that you have strategies for dealing with it and that you are not tiptoeing around, scared to upset each other. This might seem like a strange question but there are often things that go unsaid at the beginning of a relationship that it would be much better to have a conversation about.For some people a relationship just moves onto a deeper level without any firm decisions really being made.

But if you want to ensure you don’t drift into deep waters you might later regret, it’s good to take time to ask yourself some simple questions before you get too serious. You might think it is time to move on but does your match?

Every single who's a committed Christian, may join c Match.