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However, his television kept malfunctioning, and even though the staff could not find anything wrong with the TV, it just kept turning on and off by itself.One of the most infamous serial killers of all time is the Boston Strangler, who murdered at least 13 women in the Boston area during the 1960s.She was scheduled to participate in a travel junket in Cuba and flew to Jamaica for the first part of the trip.However, the junket soon learned that they would be denied entry into Cuba, and since all flights back to New York were booked for the next several days, Kirschhoch and another writer were rerouted to stay at the Beaches Resort in Negril.Since Fatty Walsh was known as a ladies man, his ghost apparently loves to target attractive women.On one occasion, a couple was attempting to ride the elevator to the fourth floor but were taken against their will to the 13th instead.

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Authorities investigated Grant and found a strand of Kirschhoch’s hair in the back of his car, and a search dog also detected her scent from his trunk.

No matter how luxurious they may be, hotels can still be ominous places, and they have been home to their fair share of unsolved murders, mysterious disappearances, and unexplained paranormal events.

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