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Like so many who preceded you, you have betrayed your people and disappointed your fans.• Trump 2005 Video Remarks About Women Wreaking Havoc; Defiant Trump Ignores Calls to Drop Out of Race; More Crude Trump Conversations Uncovered. Aired 12-1a ET • 11 Dallas Officers Shot, 4 Killed, Stand Off with Suspect; Culture of Fear Growing in U. Endorses New Iraqi Governing Council • Judge in Peterson Case Denies to Completely Close Hearing • British Soldier Dead, Two Wounded in Basra Bombing • Bali Bombing Mastermind Caught • Manhattan, Many Cities Experiencing Blackouts • U. Captures Highest Ranking al Qaeda Figure in Southeast Asia • Captured Terrorist Suspect Was Link to Southeast Asian Operations • Officials Likely Delayed Info on Hambali Arrest for Security Reasons • Power Outage may be due to Niagara Mohawk Power Grid Being Overloaded • Interview With Michael Bloomberg • New Yorks Filling the Streets as Blackout Continues • al Qaeda Terrorist Hambali Being Held In Unidentified Country • Hambali May Have Been Behind New Hijacking Recruitment • Hambali Wanted By Many Southeast Asian Nations • Hambali Behind Bali Bombing And Several Others • Ottowa Airport Still Running • Interview With Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton • New York Power Outage Not Related To Terrorism, Homeland Security Says • TSA Stops All Passengers Leaving New York, Cleveland Airports • Niagara Mohawk Power Grid Overloaded May Be Outage Cause • New Yorkers Take To The Street During Blackout • No Evidence Yet Outage is Terror Related • FBI Looking Into Multiple Possibilities For Power Outage In New England, Canada • Interview With Frank Mc Carton • Mayor Michael Bloomberg Holds a Press Conference on Wide-Scale Power Outage • Wolf Blitzer On The Streets Of Manhattan • Still No Sign Of A Cause To New York Blackout • New Yorker Street Heroes Of The Day • New York City Caught in Black-Out. Possession • Saddam Hussein's Sons Believed Dead in Firefight • Sanchez Expected to Address Media in Baghdad Shortly • Celebratory Gunfire Fills Skies of Baghdad • Police Searching Waco Area for Patrick Dennehy's Body • Ahmed Chalabi Press Conference • Sanchez Confirms Uday, Qusay Hussein Dead • Saddam Hussein's Sons Killed? ; Report: Sirte is Now Under NTC Control; Battle For Sirte Long Than Expected By Rebels • Reports of Moammar Gadhafi Captured and Dead; Libyan Rebel Forces Take Town of Sirte; Initial Reports Indicate Moammar Gadhafi Captured by Rebels • Reports Say Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead • Government Reaction to Gadhafi News; Libyan Prime Minister: Moammar Gadhahi Is Dead • Moammar Gadhafi is Dead; Interview With Senator John Mc Cain • Moammar Gadhafi Is Killed; Joe Biden Speaks; The Life of Moammar Gadhafi • Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead • Moammar Gadhafi is Dead; President Obama Delivers Remarks on Death of Gadhafi; Larry King: What Moammar Gadhafi Was Really Like; White House Spokesman Jay Carney Address Media; NATO to Call for Special Session • More Details Emerging About Gadhafi's Capture, Little About Actual Death; What's Next For Libya? Hood Hiker's Body Found • Snow Cave Located on Mt. Hood Hiker Confirmed Dead; Holding Out Hope for the Others • At Least Two Earthquakes Hit Hawaii • One Earthquake, Several Aftershocks Hit Hawaiian Islands • No Tsunami Expected in Hawaii Per US Geological Survey • Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits Hawaii; No Reported Fatalities • Earthquake Measuring 6.3 Strikes Hawaii • Earthquake Hits Hawaiian Islands • 6.6. • Nigeria Pipeline Blast; Winning Confirmation Challenge for General Michael Hayden; Gay History Bill; Internet Child Porn • Jill Carroll Alive And Safe; Immigration Battle; Bird Flu Fears • American Hostage Jill Carroll Released; Randy Mc Cloy Getting Out of Hospital Today • Kidnappers Release American Journalist Jill Carroll; Bush Attends Summit With Mexico's Fox, Canada's Harper • Judge in Saddam Hussein Trial Closes Trial to News Media • Saddam Calls For Iraqis To Fight 'Invaders'; Texas Wildfires Near Amarillo Claim Homes, Livestock; Witness Coaching in Moussaoui Trail Puts Death Penalty In Question • Tragedy at Sago Mine • Tragedy at Sago Mine in West Virginia • Tragic Ending in West Virginia Coal Mine • Tragedy At Sago Mine; Surviving Miner; Minding Your Business • Breaking News: Tragedy At Sago Mine • Tragedy at Sago Mine in West Virginia Kills 12 • Tragedy at Sago Mine in West Virginia • West Virginia Miners Situation; Hatfield Press Conference; Governor Manchin Press Conference • West Virginia Mine Explosion Kills 12; Families, Press, Initially Given Wrong Outcome on Deaths; Sole Survivor In Critical Condition, Unconscious • Details of Rescue Efforts in West Virginia Mining Accident • West Virginia Mine Explosion; Survivor Gets Care at Local Hospital • West Virginia Coal Mine Disaster; 12 West Virginia Miners Thought to Be Alive; First Ambulance Brings Out First Miner • Elation Turned to Tragedy as 12 Miners Discovered Dead, One Survives • Sole Surviving Miner In Critical Condition; High-Tech Communications May Have Lead To Leak Of "Miscommunication" From Rescue Command Center; Red Cross Volunteer Bonded With Families, Recounts Euphoria, Profound Sadness • Mine Rescue Mission • West Virginia Mine Rescue Mission • Mine Rescue Mission; Southwest Wildfires; Deadly Roof Collapse; Miracle at Quecreek • Rescue Effort for Trapped Miners Continues; Southwest Fires; Plea Deal Has Been Reached in Abramoff Case • Mine Rescue Mission In West Virginia; Wildfires In Texas; Wife Of Trapped Miner • 13 Miners Trapped Underground in West Virginia • Miners Trapped 260 Feet Underground • Mine Rescue Efforts in West Virginia; Scorched Prairie in Oklahoma; Abramoff Plea Deal; Red Cross Aid Miners Families • Miners in West Virginia Trapped For 24 Hours • Crews Still Trying to Reach Trapped Miners; Scorched Prairies; Abramoff Plea Agreement • Thirteen Coal Miners Trapped in West Virginia Mine • Miners Trapped Underground • President Nominates Samuel Alito to Succeed Sandra Day O'Connor as Associate Justice on Supreme Court • Supreme Court Nomination of Alito • Bush Taps Judge Samuel Alito for Supreme Court; CIA Leak: What's Next? Sergio Vieira De Mello Has Died • Jerusalem Bus Explosion Wounds At Least 30 • Police Confirm Deaths in Israeli Bus Explosion • U. ; Word of Gadhafi Brandishing 'Golden Gun' at Time of Capture; Senator Marco Rubio Interview About Libyan Conflict; Earthquake Hits Texas Town; Questions Arise Over Oil Reserves in Libya • Continuing Coverage of Hurricane Irene's Trek up the East Coast • Hurricane Irene Now Weakening, Heading for New York City • As Hurricane Irene Arrives In New York, 70,000 People Without Power; Hurricane Irene Impacting Northeast U. Simpson Arrest for Armed Robbery • More Details of O. Quake Hits Hawaii • Kentucky Plane Crash • Comair President's Press Conference • Comair Commuter Flight Crashes In Kentucky; Hurricane Ernesto; Fox Journalists Freed • Commuter Jet Crashes in Kentucky; Fox Journalists are Freed; Tropical Storm Ernesto; Continuing Violence in Iraq • Kofi Annan Condemns Killing of Civilians; John Bolton Comments on U. • Hurricane Rita • Hurricane Rita Strikes Gulf Coast • Hurricane Rita Makes Landfall on Gulf Coast • Live coverage of Hurricane Rita • Hurricane Rita makes landfall at Texas/Louisiana Border • Hurricane Rita Causes Destruction • Hurricane Rita • Hurricane Katrina Heads Towards New Orleans • Hurricane Katrina Makes Landfall • Hurricane Katrina • Hurricane Katrina Batters Gulf Coast • Hurricane Katrina; Hurricane Hospitality • Hurricane Katrina Downgraded, Still Deadly • Millions Flee to Avoid Hurricane Katrina • Katrina Poised to Make Landfall • Hurricane Katrina Downgraded to Cat 4 • Hurricane Katrina Upgraded to Category 5 • Hurricane Katrina Projected to Hit New Orleans • State of Emergency Declared in Louisiana • New Orleans Mayor, Louisiana Governor Hold Press Conference • Katrina on Course for New Orleans • Hurricane Katrina Heads Towards New Orleans • Hurricane Katrina Lashes the Gulf Coast • Hurricane Katrina Batters Gulf Coast • U. Gulf Coast Braces for Hurricane Katrina; Five-Hour Wait to Enter Superdome Shelter; Evacuees Stuck in Traffic Near Biloxi; Bush Declares Emergency Before Storm Hits • Air France Airbus Crashes in Toronto Airport • Air France Jet Overshoots Runway in Toronto • Air France Airbus Crashes in Toronto Airport • Air France Flight 358 Skids off Runway in Toronto • Air France Jet Overshoots Runway in Toronto • Police Shoot and Kill Man on Train in Stockwell Station in London • Rice in Middle East; Armstrong's Race; Aiken Scrutinized; British Police Shoot Suspect • Police Kill Man At London Subway Station • British Police Shoot Alleged Terrorist Suspect in Subway • London Police Shoot, Kill Man in Stockwell Tube Station • NASA Scrubs Today's Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery • Rehnquist Hospitalized for Fever; Rove Controversy Continues • Chief Justice Rushed to Hospital with Fever; Technical Glitch Halts Shuttle Launch; No Comment from White House on Rove Controversy; Details of Gitmo Interrogations Revealed in Senate Testimony; Study: Hands-Free Cell Phones Dangerous for Drivers; Baby Panda Hard to Spot • Hurricane Dennis Closes In • Hurricane Dennis Pounds Florida Coast • Hurricane Dennis Makes Landfall At Pensacola, Florida • Hurricane Dennis Continues Rampage Of South • Dennis Downgraded To Category Two • Hurricane Dennis Slams Into Gulf Coast • Tropical Storm Dennis Continues Northward Path • Explosions Rock London Subway, Destroy Bus • London Terror • Terror Hits London Transportation System • Multiple Bombs Explode in London's Transport System • Terror in London • Multiple Bombs Explode in London's Transport System • London Terror Bombings • London Terror Bombings; Ambassador Manning Interview; Admiral Loy Interview • Michael Jackson Trial Verdict • Michael Jackson Verdict • Michael Jackson Verdict • Michael Jackson Verdict • Jackson Acquitted • Jackson Acquitted • Michael Jackson Verdict Read • Michael Jackson Acquited • Not guilty on all charges for Michael Jackson • Faith Hold Vigil for Ailing Pope • Pilgrims Hold Vigil, Wait Word Of Pope's Condition; Massive Insurgent Attack Repelled At Abu Ghraib Prison; • Pope John Paul II Has Died • President George W. Headquarters in Baghdad • Interview With Spokesman for U. Special Envoy Sergio de Mello • White House Reaction to Bombing of U. Headquarters • Pentagon Reaction to Bombing of U. Headquarters • United Nations Reaction to Bombing of Baghdad Headquarters • Analysis of Terrorism in Iraq • U. Special Representative Sergio Vieira de Mello Has Died • Truck Bomb Kills 17 at U. Baghdad Headquarters • Bus Explosion Hits Israel • United Nations Diplomat Killed in Baghdad Bombing • Jerusalem Bus Explosion Kills At Least 10 • U. Your constant and preposterously ridiculous statement that you thought it wasn’t Reeva trapped in the bathroom, but an intruder, opens yet another can of haricots.

in Crisis on Eve of Debate Rematch; Growing Calls within G. Aired 9-10p ET • Explosion in Chelsea Neighborhood in Manhattan; Authorities Confirm Multiple Injuries.

They love a romance based on selflessness not selfishness. They want him to possess psychological and physiological excellence. It was a wasteland filled with expensive toys and recidivist acts.

The sound of your delighted cackles as you shot at a watermelon – a zombie-stopper – I believe you called it, was so disparate from your whiny-girly mimsy court voice that it’s difficult not to burst out laughing while listening to you. You chose the bullet that would cause maximum damage.

to Drop Trump from Ticket; Crude Trump Interview Uncovered. Embassy in Monrovia, Liberia Hit by Mortar Fire • Death Toll Rising in Liberia • AP: Judge Rules on Change of Venue in Muhammad Case • Another Attack in Baghdad • U. Military Helicopter Crashes in Italy • Several Dead as Car Plows into Crowd • Machine Gunfire Exchanged Between North, South Korea • Conjoined Twins Die • Conjoined Iranian Twins Die • Second Iranian Twin Dies in Separation Surgery • Second Iranian Twin Dies in Separation Surgery • Convoy of U. Military Experts in Liberia Blocked From Visiting Refugee Camp • Shooting at Mississippi Lockheed Martin Plant • Interview With Mayor of Meridian, Mississippi • Six Dead in Lockheed Martin Shooting • Woman, Children Found Shot Dead in Bakersfield Home • Iraqi Intelligence Officer in Custody • Liberian President Charles Taylor Has Agreed to Step Down • Taylor Want Forces in Liberia Before he Will Leave • White House Holding Reaction to Taylor's Announcement • Taylor Would Leave Contingent Upon Arrival of Foreign Force • Taylor Says Nigerian President Will Arrive in Monrovia on Sunday to Discuss Terms of Asylum • Pope to Name New Leader of Boston Archdiocese • Shooting Attack in West Bank • Informant's Affidavit Alleges Dennehy Shot by Teammate • Missing Amber Alert Woman and Children Found in Florida • Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Law Banning Gay Sex • Supreme Court Strike Down Texas Sodomy Law • Interview With Attorney Ruth Harlow • Chante Mallard Found Guilty In Windshield Murder Case • U. Special Ops Troop Killed in Iraq • Chante Mallard Testifies in Sentencing Phase of Trial • Former Iraqi Information Minister Al-Sahaf in Custody?

S.; Press Conference on Officer Shootings in Dallas. • Interview With Woman Who Was Trapped In New York Subway System • Govenor Pataki Declares State of Emergency • Subway Workers Discuss Power Outage • Spokesman For Con Edison Discusses Reenergizing The System • Governor George Pataki Speaks on Power Outage • Patty Davis Discusses Black Outs Affect On Air Travel • Workers Hurry To Get Power Back Up • A Montage Of New York During The Black Out • Experts Discuss Logistics Of U. Captures Former Saddam Bodyguard, Iraqi General • U. Captures Former Saddam Bodyguard, Iraqi General • FBI Arrests British Natl. • Breaking the Syrian Connection • Saddam Hussein's Sons Killed • Saddam's Sons Killed in Raid in Mosul, Iraq • U. Soldier, Interpreter Killed in Latest Attack in Iraq • Ambush in Iraq Kills GI, Interpreter • U.

Christie Tells New Jersey Residents 'Get the Hell Out' From Beach Areas; Hospitals Evacuating Patients; IReporters Uploading Images of Hurricane Irene's Effects; Virginia Governor Mc Donnell Interviewed by Local Media Outlet • Hurricane Irene Coverage: As Many as 65 Million People Expected to be Impacted; Interview With Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor Dawn Zimmer; Interview With Stamford, Connecticut Mayor Michael Pavia; Interview With National Hurricane Center Director Bill Read • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall in North Carolina; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Delivers Remarks on Hurricane Irene; Nine-Year-Old Dies in Virginia After Tree Falls Through Apartment; Cities Along East Coast Evacuated Ahead of Hurricane; Hurricane Hunter Flying Into Irene to Collect Data • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes its Way up the East Coast; Bloomberg Warns New Yorkers to Evacuate Ahead of Hurricane; Interview With NOAA Deputy Administrator Kathryn Sullivan; Obama Returns to White House to Monitor Hurricane; Irene Roars Up the East Coast; Widespread Damage in North Carolina • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Batters Virginia Beach; Storm Surge Becomes Primary Concern; Interview With Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley; Unprecedented NYC Evacuations • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Ocean City, Maryland Feeling Irene's Wrath; Interview With D. Mayor Vincent Gray; NYC Emergency Services Prepare to Assist Flood Areas; Interview With New York City's Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Bruno • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Hurricane Irene Makes Landfall; Many New Yorkers Not Evacuating; Rhode Island Bracing for Storm; New York City Halts Mass Transit; Mayor Bloomberg Discusses New York Storm Preparations; 370,000 Under Mandatory Evacuation; New Jersey Braces For Hurricane Irene; Beach Erosion Expected To Be Major Threat; New York City Hospitals Evacuating Patients; Interview With Washington D. Mayor Vincent Gray • Hurricane Irene Coverage: Irene Takes Aim at Maryland; Philadelphia in State of Emergency; Sailboat Rescue in Virginia; Assessing Irene's Damage • Hurricane Irene Coverage: North Carolina and Virginia Hit Hard; President Obama Visits FEMA; Long Island Waits for Irene; Waiting for Irene in Philadelphia; New Jersey Prepares for Irene; i Reporters Share Storm Stories; Irene Roars Up the East Coast • Gadhafi's Decades Long Rule on Libya Appears to be Coming to an End; Syrian Crackdown; Israel-Gaza Tension. 2 Cornered • Musharraf: High-Value Target Believed Holed in Pakistan With Approximately 200 Allies, Supporters • U. Still Uncertain if al-Zawahiri is in Battle • Huge Explosion in Baghdad • Explosion Targets Large Baghdad Hotel • Deaths, Injuries in Baghdad Explosion Climb • 27 Dead, More Than 40 Injured in Baghdad Bombing • Car Bomb Explodes Outside Baghdad Hotel • Baghdad Hotel Blast • Car Bomb Explodes Outside Baghdad Hotel • No Survivors Believed to be Left at Bombing Site • Bush Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage • Interview With Cheryl Jacques • Bush Calls on Congress to Pass Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage • Look at Politics in California • Sources: Carlie Brucia's Body Found • Carlie Brucia Case • Press Conference on Carlie Brucia Case • Police Sources: Body of Carlie Brucia Found • Police Sources: Body of Carlie Brucia Found • Authorities Say Body of Carlie Brucia Found • Police Give Update on Carlie Brucia Case • Explosion in Restaurant Area in Baghdad • Large Explosion Destroys Baghdad Restaurant • Casualty Count Rising From Explosion At Restaurant in Central Baghdad • At Least 21 Wounded At Baghdad Restaurant • Inquest into Death of Princess Diana • Court Orders Jose Padilla be Released in Next 30 Days • Charges Against Jackson Officially Filed • Charges Against Jackson Read • Verdict Reached in Malvo Trial • Geragos Press Conference • Sneddon Press Conference • Second Sniper Suspect Found Guilty • Michael Jackson Officially Charged • Press Conference Announcing Hussein's Capture • Saddam Captured • Tony Blair Holds News Conference • Saddam Hussein Captured • Iraqi Governing Council Members Hold Press Conference • Saddam Hussein Captured by U. Forces • Analysis of Blair's Address • Saddam Hussein May Have Been Captured by Coalition Forces • Verdict Reached on Sentence for John Allen Muhammad • Decision on Muhammad Sentence to be Read Shortly • Muhammad to Die • Jury Recommends Death for John Muhammad • Prosecutor Speaks on Muhammad Verdict • Jurors Reaction to Case, Muhammad was Normal • Jury Recommends Death for Sniper John Muhammad • Jury Recommends Death for Sniper John Muhammad • Kidney Disease Benches Nets Alonzo Mourning • Multiple Explosions, Two Confirmed, in Istanbul, Turkey • Explosions in Istanbul, Turkey • Explosions in Istanbul, Turkey • Several Near Simultaneous Blasts in Istanbul • Interview With Terrorism Expert Rohan Gunaratna • Wave of Terror in Turkey • Attacks in Istanbul • Bombings in Turkey • Three Explosions Hit British Targets in Turkey • Two Big Explosions in Istanbul, Turkey • Jackson's Plane Arrives at Airport • Interview With Jermaine Jackson • Media Circus at Sheriff's Office • All Quiet at Neverland • null • What's in Store for Jackson Legally • Neverland Isolated, Quiet • Interview With Nadine Kaslow • Mark Geragos Press Conference • Recap Of Jackson Events Today • Jackson Processing Time Not Unusual • Interview With Jermaine Jackson • What Does Allowing Gay Marriage Mean Now? 2 Praise 9/11 Hijackers • New Tapoe Clear Reminder Third al Qaeda Remains Loose • Swedish Foreign Minister Stabbed Several Times • New bin Laden Tape Threatens New Attacks • Interview With Congressman Edward Markey • 'Bin Laden' Tape Surfaces • Nazi Era Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl Dead • Settlement May be Near Between Archdiocese, Victims of Sex Abuse • Reports of Dozens Wounded in Israel Blast • Explosion Outside Israel Army Base • Explosions Heard in Jerusalem • Reuters: "Huge" Blast Outside Cafe in Jerusalem • Major Explosion Rocks West Jerusalem • Alabama Monument Will be Moved Today • Monument to be Moved Inside Building • Discussion with Rev.