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01-Mar-2020 00:02

"The complications include bleeding and inflammation in the short term," says Lyubov Yerofeyeva, the director of the Russian Family Planning Association, an NGO that works to improve sex education in Russia.

"In the long term, the most severe complication could be infertility." Yerofeyeva is speaking in a brightly lit office in central Moscow whose walls are adorned with posters of cuddly babies.

"Young women who think that having an abortion is an easy thing are wrong," Latypova tells RFE/RL's Tatar-Bashkir Service. I don't think it's the right decision." Despite an abundance of new family-planning options, Latypova says lack of public awareness and prohibitive expenses -- like monthly packs of birth control pills -- mean many women still see abortion as their only choice.

"Students and young girls can't afford birth control.

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Oral contraception was not available and more often than not, Soviet-made condoms and intrauterine devices didn’t work."At the moment, the younger generation knows more about family planning, and they have better access to family planning services.