Signs of physical dating abuse

11-Apr-2020 16:56

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Also, drinking too much and/or drug use can make it difficult for some people to control their actions.Certain types of personality disorders or mental illness might also interfere with someone's ability to relate to others in healthy ways or cause problems with aggression or self-control.If you're one of the thousands of people living in an abusive situation, it can help to understand why some people abuse — and to realize that the abuse is . But some factors seem to make it more likely that someone may lose control, yell, hit, or hurt.Sometimes abusers manipulate those they're abusing by telling them they did something wrong or "asked for it" in some way. Sometimes, growing up in an abusive family can lead a person to think that example is a good way to discipline others.This is also true of people who abuse someone they're dating.

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How much harm is done often depends on the situation and sometimes on how severe the abuse is.

Sometimes a seemingly minor thing can trigger a big reaction.

Being touched inappropriately by a family member, or being told to keep secrets, for example, can be very confusing and traumatic. Friends, couples, coaches, and teachers can get upset, frustrated, or have a bad day.

Somebody who has only known an abusive relationship might mistakenly think that hitting, beating, pushing, shoving, or angry name-calling are perfectly normal ways to treat someone when you're mad.

Seeing parents treat each other in abusive ways might lead a child to think that's OK in relationships.People who are abused might mistakenly think that it's their fault for not doing what their parents tell them, breaking rules, or not living up to someone's expectations.

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