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14-Apr-2020 21:20

At the urging of a website called the Daily Stormer, the trolls were calling Jewish businesses in Whitefish and delivering vile messages, as well as posting negative reviews about those businesses online."Choke on a shotgun and die," read a message to one person caught in the crossfire, according to the .One could say the same for the state of Montana as a whole.

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Free-speech laws are more permissive here in the United States, a fact that Spencer and his movement have since used to maximal advantage. If you are headed into a problem, as I was, there is plenty of time to consider its nature.

Then nighttime happens, and there’s the Situation, staring us right in the face. During World War II, missile technology leapt forward,2 and for the first time, a new, mind-blowing concept was possible— and the notion of cross-ocean voyages dazzled people’s imaginations.… continue reading »

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