Sony blu ray updating

09-Apr-2020 02:45

The TV displayed "No Time Display" on the black screen.This was a pain in the butt, as I missed the part of the movie when it came back.and to have to look up a certain regional code is RIDICULOUS because of these dang movie- makers!!!This is the WORST movie player that I have EVER owned! I recently encountered the system time update issue that hundreds here berate Samsung for. This is a case of the Internet being abused and used unwisely. Gee, hundreds of people couldn't be wrong could they?The problem is that when I try to update it from the Samsung website, there isn't one available for this particular DVD player (of course).I don't understand why you would even sell something like this knowing that you have to update it, but provide no update for it on the website.

From the start when I used the DVD Player the screen would black out off and on.

It played OK for the first couple of movies, then failed again.

They had me download an upgrade to a thumb drive, which when plugged in would fix it. The weird thing is that it will play regular DVDs, but not Bluray type without crapping out.

I will never buy anything Samsung again unless there are a huge amount of good reviews or unless it's a phone.

I do NOT get the friggin' point why such gadgets got to be made with SO much complicated ways! The dumb-modeled blu-ray player will NOT play a simply blu-ray...

Going to Samsung's site was useless just as others had reported with their support. This is the second Samsung Blu Ray player I have purchased. It was pricey, (9.99 at Best Buy) but had hoped that being more expensive it would last longer than the previous Samsung Bluray we had owned. Samsung hasn't provided the necessary update to keep some of its players. Samsung should either update the players or purchase them back from the consumers.

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