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But in this case, YECs can make up any excuse they want for why they don’t believe those dating methods and why the estimates of rates based on them are flawed. In fact, the more problems they say they find with radiometric dating methods, the worse their problem becomes.This is because if the dating methods and rate estimates are bogus, then there should correlation with rate estimates based on real-time GPS measurements.I could spend 5000 words describing exactly how these rates were calculated, but it makes no difference how this was done or that your understand the methods.All that matters is that estimates of rates have been produced by multiple labs over decades.Labels indicate names of places where rates have been estimated using both methods. I have been writing about the Dead Sea and the origin of the Jordan Valley (The Origins of the Dead Sea Part III: The Levant – a Land Literally Ripped Apart).

This includes producing dates for for 1 to 20 million years were obtained and used to back-calculate rates in millimeters per year movement.

On the graph, this is the SDSF (South Dead Sea Fault) point.

The vertical bar represents the variance possible (sort of a confidence interval) of the estimates based on geological estimates (radiometric mostly).

The key results: dates based on old rocks predict the same rates as GPS measurements of real-time plate motions. It means that current plate motions are the same, or nearly the same, as plate motions from 100, 10,000 or 1 million years ago.

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The probability that these rate numbers, based on two independent methods of estimation, happen to be the same as a result of chance alone is so small that it makes winning the Power Ball look like a sure bet.It is significant because it shows how predictions in science can provide powerful confirmation of a theory, when those predictions are confirmed by future observations.