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30-Jan-2020 15:45

with the name by which you have registered your Connector/ODBC driver with the ODBC driver manager, if it is different.

If your programming language converts backslash followed by whitespace to a space, it is preferable to specify the connection string as a single long string, or to use a concatenation of multiple strings that does not add spaces in between. On OS X, you might need to specify the full path to the Connector/ODBC driver library.

If you're working on a single system or you're the only one using the DSN, this isn't a problem.

However, if you're working with several users over a network with several systems, updating the DSN might become more of a chore than using connection strings.

It is either a simple text file or values in registry that contains information about how to connect to a ODBC backend.

By creating a DSN, you do not have to supply the information and the coding is simpler as you only need to refer to DSN to fill in the parameters. There are four possible reasons: 1) performance, 2) flexibility, 3) security, 4) administration Performance With a DSN, whether as a file or a registry, everytime you make a ODBC call, it is necessary to do a registry lookup or retrieve the file for parameter.

Any person on the system can access the file via a System DSN.Some developers claim that a DSN performs slower than a DSN-less connection.The general thought is that numerous concurrent users mean just as many hits to the Registry, which slows things down.A developer of any worth at all has no more trouble creating a connection string, but this sensible DSN solution is for the lone wolves who don't have the technical resources some of us take for granted. You must know all the numbers and their sequence to spring the lock.

However, even developers will find an existing DSN faster to implement. The connection string contains all the information the provider needs to establish a connection to the data source file. The provider needs the address to the server or the path to the data file.

For instance, the following opens an ADODB connection to a local copy of Northwind (the sample database that comes with Microsoft Access): Dim cnn As New ADODB. In fact, they seem to be the connection method of choice. Technically speaking, a DSN is an identifier to a data source for an Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) driver (library).

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