Updating lync 2016 180 license

04-Apr-2020 18:31

Collect: MSExchange OWA: IM – Sent Message Delivery Failure percentage KHI: Querying taking too long: Exchange Search Slow First Batch is over 10.

KHI: The Exchange store has detected a database level RPC request timeout.

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Continuous replication is blocked for this database. KHI: Low or out of disk space will dismount or terminate replication on a database copy.

Collect: Process: ID Process (w3wp#9) KHI: The database copy is low on log volume space. KHI: Mailbox: Approaching too may client logons on Mailbox Red54000 KHI: The Exchange Transport service is rejecting message submissions due to memory consumption higher than the configured threshold.

KHI: MSExchange FDS: OAB: Download Tasks Completed – sustained for 24 hours – Red (= 0).

KHI: The database page read failed verification because of error -1018.

This database error is often caused by hardware issues.KHI: The Microsoft Exchange Replication service failed to resolve the FQDN for the short name.

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