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And guess who she’s talking about in this sentence: ‘Here was a strong, sexually driven woman who…did everything she could to kick him up the ladder to the throne.’ Why, if it isn’t HM the Queen Mother!

The dust jacket features a pre-publication quote from the historian Simon Schama, who has, over the years, been paid a small fortune for his services by Brown.‘Read the diaries and feel better about everything,’ he enthuses, adding, bizarrely: ‘The word lives! The word in these diaries does not so much live as hyperventilate, and then collapse from exhaustion.Most of the time, Brown writes like someone doing a wicked impersonation of a cocaine-fuelled American disc jockey from the Eighties.‘New York’s pace hots up to a burning crescendo this time of year,’ she writes one December.Whether you want to spend a little, or a lot, we've got you covered!

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The star, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, with husband, John Krasinski, and their daughters, Hazel, three, and Violet, one, is adamant about the fair pay issue.'I took it on as my personal responsibility to make sure that I don’t feel shortchanged or less than,' Emily revealed.

She's been a regular on big and small screens since appearing in Warrior Queen in 2003.