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This camera produced a noticeably better image than the Logitech.

Like most webcams, the Philips offers a range of frame rates, from 5fps to 60fps. The camera has only a USB1.1 interface, not the much faster USB2, so the data rate is pretty limited for streaming video.

about transgender adolescents and their quest for earlier and earlier physical transformations, I spent some time on You Tube, where you can find thousands of videos chronicling the gender switches of young people. who is now a college sophomore in New York, offers another real-time chronicle, with plenty of updates on facial hair and body shape, and opportunities for before-and-after comparison. I particularly liked the frank, girlfriend-y tone of Natalie Sweetwine, who has posted ninety-two videos, which run the gamut from the kind-of-political (“Jealousy in the MTF Transgender Community”) to the highly personal (“Effects of Estrogen/HRT on Penis and Sex Drive”).

The videos offer a mash-up of youthful identity struggles, self-promoting confessionals, and thoughtful explorations of gender and its discontents. The videos sometimes begin as the chronicler is taking cross-gender hormones for the first time and unfold over several years. Some of the most interesting videos deal frankly with the dilemmas of life post-transition: pursuing romantic relationships, or whether or not to try and “go stealth” by “passing” in the new gender without openly acknowledging one’s trans status. A video posted by Stephen Ira, the trans son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, conveys a vivid sense of the niches-within-niches branding of the self you see in a lot in the You Tube offerings.

But this is another reason why a machine vision camera is superior.

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Using a Firewire interface camera, it’s possible to run the movie faster than the normal 18fps viewing speed and still get high quality frame by frame transfers.Here I adjusted the levels so you can see the shadow detail. It’s easy to see here that the lower resolution Sony CCD actually preserves more detail than the higher res CMOS imager.

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