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In the early years, the Club parties (Spring Break-Up), (Fall Freeze-up) and (Christmas) parties were held at the old Airliner Hotel or at dingy Community Halls. She is the daughter of a pilot Thomas Peter Hayes from the 1959 era of the company and wishes to know more about his life in Canada.By the 1970's, (thanks to Sales Department Ron Moore) we decided to go "first-class" and start having our parties at the "Mac" (One of Canada's great Railroad Hotels) (The Mac Donald Hotel) The Main Ballroom was all decked out and the buffet featured Alberta Standing Rib Roast and all the trimmings..... Watch it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B75l1e Xv9Rt EZk VBV01HUURia XM/view If your player does not work, try this link. Email any recollections or information you might have.We will need to get an idea of numbers but i am thinking If we get 100 people the cost will be pp.I took the pictures below yesterday of the venue so you can get an idea. AT THE MUSEUM WITH TWO FOSSILS - PWA Herc Reunion 2011 745 appeared so small as we climbed the maintenance stairs up her starboard side She seemed hardly much larger than the F 86, sitting in the old XD hanger inside Wayne and I squeezed into the 737 cockpit, careful not to bang our heads I used to think it was bigger than this, I agreed with what he said Wayne is in the left seat, Im in the right Hung over from drinking Captains Rum with Wylee and PJ all night Wondering if thats why we felt so at home Remembering launching in this rocket ship from this ancient aerodrome Remembering all the great guys we flew with who were gone Amazed at what we got away with for so long Knowing if we could just start it, we could fly it all right If only we hadnt partied like Herc Rats at the XDI last night Of course thats why we came here, to relive the Herc Hard to imagine all that fun with a C130 was our work Or that this swept wing jet airplane was another that we flew Honoured to be, two of the few To have flown in the High Arctic where Franklin was lost The historic search that continued for years, no matter the cost We had won over the frigid weather, searching for oil A hundred and thirty years later in relative comfort, compared to their toil Low and over where men had watched their sailing ships crushed In a Hercules, transversing the same frozen Northwest Passage we rushed Drilling for black gold to quench our ships thirst So detached from the brave men who staggered through first To me we were some of the boldest men of our time Adventurers in the High Arctic, like sailors, but flying Perhaps it was hard to be humble when youve seen the world at the top Pulled throughout the Canadian Arctic islands by those huge Hercules props Departing 745 Wayne and I went back into the museum, which we are now a part of No longer doing that job we most loved Glad to be here alive to relive it again Admittedly embarrassed at the times when we had complained Capt. Dennis Currie (retired) 745 C-GIPW (retired) An article from the Vancouver Sun. Harrowar) Wanted Loving Home for a Boeing 737 Cockpit and Flight Simulator Memories of the P W A Social Club in Edmonton (YXD) Throughout the 1960's, 70's and 80's; we had a very active and involved Social Club at YXD.

My daughters (Joanne 15) and (Kathy 13) were the "coat-check" girls one year at the Christmas Party......putting out a "cup".....made a mint; "Let's do it again Dad" !! CF-PWE, a 55 seat C-46 was fueled up by ESSO (for free).... He was born on Great Bear Lake and raised by nuns after his mother died of TB. Best regards Captain Terry Reece ( Interior, Alaska International, Mark Air) ---------------------------------------------- P. My father was a pilot for Pacific Western in 1959 flying a DHC-Beaver between the logging camps of British Columbia and Seattle.Circa 1962, the Social Club came up with the idea of: "A Picnic Day in the Mountains". Captain Dean Maclagan and F/O Mel Neidig donated their services.....along with 2 flight attendants (Names ? He would ferry the loggers from the camps for their breaks and also carried the payroll for the logging company.) The event was well promoted; but we only sold 35 seats. He was an Australian citizen and passed away just over a year ago now.This website is created, funded and managed by the former employees of Pacific Western Airlines. If you have any contributions or comments, please submit them to the Webmaster.

We wish to say thanks to our many generous contributors, supporters and readers.I have heard nothing back as yet but only reached out a day or so ago, so will hopefully hear back from them this week.