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There’s not a great deal of archive material to fill the gaps, but the most moving part of this patchy account of the crime is an audio recording of Erin’s father – who to this day has shown unwavering support for his daughter – breaking down and sobbing upon being told she was involved.Despite Morgan’s best efforts, we’re left none the wiser as to why she or any of the others did it, and threw their own lives away in the process.The 24-year-old Texan is eight years into a 42-year (minimum) sentence for the murder of her mother and two young brothers and attempted murder of her father.

She acknowledges that she had the power to stop the murders, which the others involved all insist she masterminded, but when asked directly about her level of responsibility she tells Morgan she’s “working on that” and still has some “things to process”.

In 2011, Estonian indie rock band Ewert and the Two Dragons released an answer song, also titled "Jolene," in response to the original recording.

In this version, Parton's "man" directly addresses Jolene, telling her that nothing will ever happen between them and that his current lover would fight to get him back.

The filmmakers also have trouble had difficulty recreating the scene of the crime because the family’s home was burnt to the ground, and it appears they lived in the middle of nowhere.

Erin’s father returned to the scene for an interview with Piers, but this basically amounted to two men standing in the woods, one of whom was distractingly in need of a semmit.I’ve been eagerly awaiting Eden since the start of the year, when I happened to meet a TV producer who was having farewell drinks with a friend before going off the grid in the Highlands for a year.